Surge Active BCAA

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Whatever your personal goal may be there is nothing more important that Muscle Recovery. The ability to perform at your peak at all times. Our Vegan Based Active BCAA is designed to help athletes recover, hydrate and perform at their very best. They can be used throughout the day to hydrate and flavor your water with one of our phenomenal flavors, or around your workout to help provide your body with the essential amino acids your body needs to recover and hydrate your muscles. Each serving of our Active BCAA is packed with a full 6 Grams of BCAA’s, contains a full serving of Coconut water (COCIVO) as well as a full 2 Grams of Electrolytes.


-6 Grams of Vegan Based BCAA
-1.5 Grams of Glutamine
-2 Grams of Electrolytes (5x the amount of electrolytes of your leading sports drink without any of the sugar ensuring that body is fueled for your entire workout.)
-1 Gram of Coconut Water Powder (Coconut water)

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