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What are the different names/ways of writing Methystenbolone?

Methylstenbolone was brought to the market by Antaeus Labs with their product "Ultradrol." For a good period of time while superdrol was out, no one knew that Methylstenbolone even existed, and was just better known as Ultradrol. The two common nomenclatures for Methylstenbolone are 2,17a-dimethyl-5a-androsta-1-en-17b-ol-3-one and 2,17a-dimethyl-17b-hydroxy-5a-androst-1-en-3-one. In addItion, Methylstenbolone has also been called M-sten or Msten for short, as well as Methyl Sten. 


What are the benefits of using Methylstenbolone?

Methylstenbolone provides increases in mass, size, and strength. Unlike superdrol, Methylstenbolone retains little to no water retention meaning you can bulk up without losing definition. This will provide the look of much fuller muscles. Many people after experiencing methylstenbolone prefer it over superdrol. 


What are the best Methylstenbolone products?

Here are the best Methylstenbolone products. hese Top 5 Methylstenbolone products are based off of user reviews, customer feedback, logger results, our Pro Support team's experience with them, and lastly, the best value for you. 


1. Msten Extreme Mass Builder by Assault Labs - The number #1 rated prohormone period! 50+ reviews to back it up!

2. Powerdrol-10 by Vital Labs - 40+ reviews, and from one of the most popular brands in the prohormone industry!

3. Xtreme Mass by Anabolic Technologies - Number 4 on the the Top 10 bulking prohormones in the industry!

4. M-Sten Rx by IronMagLabs - A methylstenbolone product with a reputation to back it up! 

5. Msten 10 by LGI Supplements - One of the best value Methylstenbolone products on the market! 


Does Methylstenbolone convert to estrogen?

As stated earlier, Methylstenbolone is derived from DHT, for users this means that aromatization is virtually impossible. This simply means that the compound Methylstebolone cannot convert to estrogen. This does not mean that estrogen related side effects will not occur. Estrogen related side effects are always possible due to your body sensing that your hormone levels are not in balance, thus leading to estrogen production. 


Is Methylstenbolone Liver Toxic?

As a methylated compound, and displaying a very high resistance to being metabolized, Methylstenbolone is liver toxic. 


Do I need to take a Cycle Support when cycling Methylstenbolone?

Yes, cycle support is necessary when cycling Methylstenbolone. Methystenbolone is one of the strongest compounds on the market and due to its toxicity users can potentially experience elevated blood pressure levels, increase in cholesterol, as well increased stress on your body's endocrine system which is responsible for the secretion of hormones into the bloodstream. 

Do I need Post Cycle Therapy after I take Methylstenbolone?
Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is necessary for any prohoromone cycle. With Methylstenbolone being such a strong compound, one's body will be used to experiencing extremely high hormone levels, therefore, it is necessary to boost ones natural testosterone production back to normal once off cycle. In additon to this, it is necessary to regulate and reduce estrogen production when coming off of Methylstenbolone. Lastly, after the intense amount of work one's body has done during a cycle, it is necessary to help recoup your liver, as it had to process your prohormone every time you took a capsule. The number one PCT on the market which will cover all three of these important reasons for PCT is Post Cycle 3X by Vital Labs

If one does not follow up a prohormone cycle with a proper post cycle therapy you run the risk of losing your gains and experiencing many side effects such as depression, low testosterone, loss of sex drive and gyno development. 


How long should I cycle Methylstenbolone for?

Methylstenbolone cycles are typically ran for 4 weeks at a which is what we suggest, some advanced users will run cycles up to 6 weeks. If you are an advanced user and choose to run your cycle for longer than 4 weeks makes sure to take a premium cycle support like Blockade by Assault Labs because of the toxicity of Methylstenbolone. 

•Methylstenbolone dosing for new users:  Week1:  4-8mg per day | Week 2-4: 8-12mg per day
•Methylstenbolone dosing for experienced users:  Week1: 8mg / per day | Week 2-3: 12mg / per day | Week 4: 16-20mg / per day
methylstenbolone works relatively fast, therefore the majority of users typically begin to experience the effects within the first week to two weeks.

What are the potential side effects of using Methylstenbolone?

Side effects of cycling Methylstenbolone are not that common if users cycle with proper cycle support and follow up with Post Cycle therapy. The most common side effects are feeling lethargic, increased aggression, joint pain, decreased libido and experiencing back pumps. Back pumps can easily be avoided or treated by using the amino acidTaurine. Joint pain can be avoided and treated by taking proper Joint Care. The least common side effect would be estrogen related side effects such as gyno. If you are gyno sensitive and want to make sure this does not happen to you, take a 6 Bromo Estrogen Blocker like Estrogenex by Hi-Tech Pharmacueticals with your PCT. 


What kind of results can one expect when cycling Methylstenbolone?

That is all based on the user. Users have reported gains anywhere from 5-20lbs of lean mass gained. One can only achieve these results if they are dieting properly, training intensely, and have a clean bill of health. It is of the upmost importance that users make sure they are increasing their caloric intake massively. Many users have also reported additional fat loss. No dirty bulking here guys!


If you would like to see user reviews for cycling Msten check out Msten Extreme Mass Builder which has over 50 user reviews!

Will Methylstenbolone come up on a Drug Test?

Users who are at risk for anabolic steroid testing will test positive while using Methylstenbolone. Always know whether or not you are at risk for drug testing prior to using Pro-Hormones. If you are taking a drug test which tests for schedule one drugs like narcotics you have nothing to worry about. 


Users who are on any kind of prescription medication must consult a doctor first prior to using prohormones. We suggest that users avoid using stimulants while on prohormones as they will only lead to additional stress on the body. Users should also avoid alcohol at all costs. 

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